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"Definitely one of the few and rare times (or perhaps the only time) where I actually walked away happy from receiving service on my car! We contacted Tim an hour before close on a Saturday and asked if we could bring our car in, knowing that we would need to wait for a tow truck to come in. He had no problem with it and ultimately stayed and spoke to us for a bit about his initial analysis of the damage and the work that needed to be done before officially closing up shop for the day. Tim was very transparent about the concerns he had about our car and about the time/cost we should be expecting. He kept his word on when we should hear from him and actually got our car done earlier than expected! Tim seems like a legit and knowledgeable guy and if it wasn't for us living outside of the South Bay, we'd totally have him as our go-to car guy. But we'd love to recommend him to anyone in the South Bay looking for a trustworthy and hard-working guy that goes the extra mile for his clients!"

Robin C. - San Bruno, CA

"Five stars for an auto mechanic? Yes, I'd give him more than that if I could. Tim just saved me a massive amount of money the dealer was trying to extort out of me for what they said were "needed" repairs on my 02 Camry. Tim at White Oaks Auto Repair diagnosed my problem, I mean my car's problem on the spot. He said some of the other add on items the dealer wanted to preform were not needed and fixed my car using the same OEM parts they would have used. Make an appointment and the more information you can give him about the vehicle, the more time he will save diagnosing the vehicles problem. Tim is also awesome at vehicle inspections if you are purchasing a used car. On top of that Tim has a good sense of humor when you get to know him. He really cares about his regular customers and they care a lot about him! Seriously, look at the not recommended reviews at the bottom of this page, they are all positive! Tim does not pay anyone for the reviews, the reviews are all honest. People love him when they get to know him! Remember, this is WHITE OAKS AUTO REPAIR, not WHITE OAKS AUTO BODY which is one building over! :-)"

Ray H. - San Jose, CA

"Tim at White Oaks Auto Repair is my go to guy for all my auto repair needs. He uses OEM or equivalent parts which I like and you don't have to take out a second mortgage to get your car fixed there. The shops prices are in between a Cheap mechanic and a dealer. In the past 5 years he has worked on and maintained a 2000 Toyota Tundra, 2006 Toyota Highlander, 2002 Toyota Camry, 2009 Mini Cooper, 2007 Chevy Work Truck, 2003 Mazda Protege, 1999 Toyota 4Runner, 2006 Prius and a 2002 Lexus RX300. No, all of these cars are not mine but he has worked on friends cars I have brought in. He is awesome at alignments and a lot of complicated issues.
Not only is Tim a great mechanic, he is a great person to bring a car you are thinking about buying. Set up an appointment, its worth the nominal charge to have him check out a potential purchase. He can tell if the vehicle has been in an accident even if CarFax tells you differently. CarFax can be bypassed.
The other important thing, providing my review is not screened, look at the bottom of the page at the not recommended reviews, they are ALL positive. That is a good indicator of how good Tim at White Oaks Auto Repair really is..."

Russell H. - San Jose, CA

"Have gone to Tim for several regular maintenance on my Lexus NX and have had only good things to say about the service. He's upfront on what needs to be done and follows manufacturer recommendations. Very happy with the services and competitive pricing."

Jason T. - San Jose, CA

"The other reviewers are right! Tim really wants to help you get your car fixed and not fleece you. He uses OEM parts or equivalent and is priced between Cheapo Mechanics and the dealership. He fixed my Camry numerous times and I could not be happier. Another great thing about Tim is Professional and reliable! You can go to Cheapo mechanics and get your car fixed or you can go to Tim and get it fixed right!"

Daryl L. - San Jose, CA

"You must get your car fixed here!!!! Best customer service ever. When  you come in ask to work with Troy, he is amazing. They do great work,  my daughter's car looks amazing. Everyone there is friendly and willing to help you  with all your needs. Amanda is their Receptionist who also gave me great service. Thank you again for everything!!!!"

Tina H. - Sunnyvale, CA

"Tim is friendly, very professional, trustworthy and knowledgeable. He has completed work on all of my cars quickly and identified items needing attention. I am confident that his expertise has saved me more headache and unnecessary spending of money. Every transaction was quick, easy, and super transparent, including Tim's attention to detail. He is a great person who goes above and beyond for you and your car. He has been diagnosing multiple issues on all of my cars for years and I highly recommend White Oaks Auto Repair. One time I let him know I would wait at the Starbucks up the street for my car to be repaired and he even picked me up from there so I wouldn't have to walk back when he was doing the test drive on my repair. He always gives great advice on all repairs."

Donna N. - San Jose, CA

"Just finished a repair (air conditioning and heater worked intermittently).  Tim did it ON THE SPOT.  Very thorough and analytical, no "jumping to conclusions" and "I'll need to take it in and look at it" (then 3 days and $600 bill).  SO, my radiator cap was leaking and he refills it, while diagnosing any other problem with the cooling system.  THEN fixed my brake light (which I had tried to fix, but bulb that LOOKED good was not) and then the bill:  TIM:  Oh, fifty bucks for the fluid, bulb and work...I GIVE HIM $150 as there is NO WAY any other place would do it for less....NOPE, Tim wouldn't take it...fifty bucks only....He's amazing along with being a good guy.  If you look at any of the critiques (Of which there are few), NONE are about car repair or rip-off, just having to wait and other "personal impression" problems...He's the best!"

James M. - San Jose, CA

"My mini looks brand new! Awesome customer service and affordable pricing."

Gina R. - Milpitas, CA

"Tim has been taking care of our cars (and boat) for over 2 years now. We are super happy with his expertise, willingness to solve problems, and honesty. We had been looking for a reliable mechanic and read the yelp reviews about Tim. We gave him a try and Tim is the mechanic you want to take care of your vehicles. He is the best!!"

Lynn W. - Los Gatos, CA

"Trustworthy. Good at communicating in a timely manner. Great at diagnosing what's wrong when other mechanics fail to diagnose correctly. It's so hard to find a trustworthy mechanic. I've had a few mechanics over the years that I kinda trusted do a good job but they would charge me so much. I never get that feeling with Tim. I've always felt like he charges a fair price and isn't ripping me off. He's also very clear about total cost before starting and never hits you with any surprises. 
A few years ago another mechanic told me I needed a new alternator after going through 2 new batteries over the course of a few months. I had a feeling it wasn't the battery or alternator. I came here for a 2nd opinion. Tim figured out it was a bad connection on my battery cables and saved me a lot of time, stress, and money. He also did a good job replacing my shocks last year and he has my car again today because the starter died on me. Thank you Tim for all your help."

Brittany W. - Campbell, CA

"Tim has been my go to mechanic for a year now. He's been amazing at quickly identifying problems with the car when I try to describe the problem to him, he fixes the car quickly , timely and efficiently. He been willing to help when my car stops even when he's busy because he knows the importance of me needing a car in order to go to work!!!! All of which is why I continue to go to him."

Adhanet T. - San Jose, CA

"I think the world of Tim and the way he conducts his business. My car runs great and I trust him and his work completely. I thought he was a little gruff at the start but once I started working with him I could see that was not the case at all. I started going to him by chance, because he was the only one who could do the work I needed on the day I needed it, and I feel like I really lucked out."

Ann B. - Berkeley, CA

"I first went to Tim asking for a 2nd opinion since the brake light on my Subaru wouldn't turn off. I went to the dealership on Capitol and they quoted me almost a thousand to replace a part and for labor. Tim told me to leave my car in the morning and he'll see what he can do. He called me that afternoon and said it was fixed. The brake lights turns off now! It was an added bonus that he charged me a tenth of what what the dealership quoted. Tim is a genius, he's honest and hardworking! I'm so glad I found a mechanic who I can finally trust!"

Jori G. - San Jose, CA

"I have taken my car to Tim for the past 4 years.  He is patient with diagnosing any issues.  He is also the most knowledgeable mechanic I have had the pleasure to work with.  Thank you, Tim!"

Nic N. - Santa Clara, CA

"I have been going to Tim for over three years now and not one regret. He stands by his work, uses OEM parts, and will work with you! I have recommended Tim to everyone I know, He has helped me in everything from emergency situations to routine maintenance. He has won over many customers from other so called repair shops. When you can, make sure you call ahead as he is usually really busy, most great mechanics are. Don't bring your own parts, Tim uses OEM or equivalent parts. Be prepared to leave your car or have it delivered via Car-Dash. Be as honest as you can about the history of the vehicle to be serviced, it will benefit both of you! Tim is the hardest working mechanic in the business I know and one hell of a guy!"

Russ H. - San Jose, CA

"I've been to many auto repair shops, so far this is the BEST. Tim is trust worthy. He explains well and tries to get the best deal. I'm very impressed with the quality of care he provides. We've been going here for many years now."

Marian Grace H. - Campbell, CA

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